How We Can Give You A Wild Smile

Ever wish you could sprinkle a little magic on everyday tasks to make them more exciting for your kids? Well, Dr. Bowen and our team at Bowen Family Orthodontics in Mullica Hill have found a way to sprinkle some of that fairy dust on orthodontic care. We’re not talking about a tall tale but a real, smile-transforming experience your kids will look forward to. Intrigued? Stick around because we’re about to reveal how we’re making braces more than just bearable—we’re making them fun!

Why Choose WildSmiles?

Let’s face it: getting braces can be an uphill battle for kids. But what if we told you braces could be, dare we say, fun? Enter WildSmiles—your kiddo’s ticket to a smile that’s as unique as they are! Imagine props that let your child express their personality down to the brackets. Yep, you read that right. With WildSmiles, those tiny metal squares that hold the wire can be swapped out for fantastic shapes like stars, hearts, or even their favorite Disney characters.

You might think, “That’s cute, but are they as effective as regular braces?” You bet! WildSmiles offers the same awesome quality and effectiveness as traditional braces. The only difference? Your child will be excited to show off their smile during the treatment. WildSmiles turns chores into a choice, a must-do into a can’t-wait-to-do!

And let’s remember the social perks. Braces can sometimes make kids a bit self-conscious. WildSmiles flips the script, making your child the talk of the playground—for all the right reasons. They’ll be the trendsetters of their friend group, leading the pack with a smile that’s not just straight but strikingly original.

How Bowen Family Can Give You A Wild Smile

How Do WildSmiles Work?

So, how do these amazing WildSmiles actually work? Great question! At their core, WildSmiles are just like conventional braces. They use brackets and wires to move teeth into ideal positions over time. The real magic happens when we swap out the standard square brackets for WildSmiles’ custom shapes. Whether it’s a star, a heart, or a football, these shapes do the same job as regular brackets. They hold the wire in place, guiding your child’s teeth to where they need to be.

Now, you might wonder if these fun shapes make cleaning any harder. Nope! WildSmiles are designed to be just as easy to clean as traditional braces. A regular toothbrush, some dental floss, and a little attention to detail are all it takes to keep them sparkling.

What about durability? Rest easy; these aren’t just for show. WildSmiles are made from high-quality stainless steel, just like standard braces. They’re made to endure. Therefore, they can handle all the wear and tear your child’s active lifestyle throws at them.

And here’s the kicker: WildSmiles don’t usually cost more than traditional braces. You can add flare to your child’s orthodontic journey without breaking the bank.

So, in a nutshell, WildSmiles offers the same reliability, ease of cleaning, and cost-effectiveness as traditional braces. The bonus? Your child gets to sport a smile that’s so bright they’ll have to show it off.


Who Are WildSmiles For?

Who says braces are just for tweens and teens? WildSmiles is for anyone who wants to add a sprinkle of fun to their orthodontic experience. While they’re a big hit with the younger crowd, don’t be surprised if you see adults sporting them, too. After all, who wouldn’t want to add some fun to their treatment?

WildSmiles is perfect for children who are a bit anxious about getting braces. The cool shapes can turn a potentially stressful experience into something they look forward to. Got a soccer fanatic in the house? Imagine their excitement when they find out they can have soccer ball-shaped brackets! Or your daughter is a Disney princess at heart. She’ll be thrilled to know she can have Cinderella’s carriage guiding her teeth to perfection.

And don’t worry, parents, these aren’t just for the extroverts. Even the shyest kids can find a design that lets them express themselves without saying a word. It’s all about giving your child the freedom to be who they are, even during something as routine as orthodontic treatment.

In short, if you or your child want to make a style statement while straightening those pearly whites, WildSmiles is your go-to option.


How Bowen Family Can Give You A Wild Smile

How to Get Started with WildSmiles

Ready to turn your child’s orthodontic journey into a fun-filled adventure? Getting started with WildSmiles at Bowen Family Orthodontics is as easy as pie. First things first, give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation. Dr. Bowen will assess your child’s orthodontic needs during this initial meet-up and discuss the best treatment options. Remember to mention you’re interested in WildSmiles!

Once you’re all set with the treatment plan, it’s time for the fun part—picking out the shapes! Your child can choose from various designs like rainbows, hearts, Disney characters, or your favorite sports team. Think of it like a mini shopping spree, but for braces!

After your star player picks their shape, we’ll set an appointment to place the braces. The process is similar to getting traditional braces but with the added excitement of seeing those chosen shapes come to life on your child’s teeth. And don’t worry, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks to keep those WildSmiles clean and shiny.

Payment plans? We’ve got you covered. WildSmiles usually comes at a similar cost to traditional braces, and we offer flexible financing options to fit your budget. Plus, we’ll help you uncover any insurance benefits you may have.


Where The Wild Smiles Are

So, are you ready to let Dr. Bowen and the team at Bowen Family Orthodontics in Mullica Hill add a splash of fun to your child’s orthodontic journey? Don’t wait! Schedule a free consultation today, and let’s get that smile shining bright and uniquely yours!