The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, smiles mean more than just brighter, straighter teeth. They reflect a community bonded by joy, health, and trust. Nestled in the heart of Mullica Hill, this practice is not just about aligning teeth but with the dreams and aspirations of the families they serve. Curious about the team behind crafting your straight smile? Let’s start with the heart of the practice, Dr. Bowen, and discover what makes this orthodontic family truly special.

Meet Dr. Jessica Bowen, DMD: The Heart of the Practice

Dr. Jessica Bowen is not just an orthodontist; she’s a beacon of care and expertise in Mullica Hill. With a solid commitment to making the path to a new smile as comfortable and swift as possible, she is one of the most qualified orthodontists in the area.

Her education and credentials speak volumes about her dedication to the field. With a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree, Dr. Bowen has honed her skills to provide top-notch patient care. Her approach is not just about realigning teeth; it’s about understanding your individual needs and creating a treatment plan that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations.

But what truly sets Dr. Bowen apart is her connection to the community of Mullica Hill. She’s not just a healthcare provider. She’s a neighbor who understands the values and needs of the families she serves. Her practice reflects her commitment to excellence in orthodontics and building relationships that last a lifetime.

Dr. Bowen’s awards and memberships further confirm her place in the field. Her accolades are a testament to her professional achievements and reflect her genuine care and dedication to her patients.

The Talented Team: More Than Just Staff

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, our team is more than just a group of skilled professionals. We’re a family dedicated to bringing joy and confidence to the community through dazzling smiles. Knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about our work, we remain experts in braces and Invisalign. We work hand-in-hand with Dr. Bowen to meet and exceed your needs.

Each of us brings unique skills and a shared commitment to excellence. Whether it’s the warm greeting at the reception desk, the gentle care during a procedure, or the attentive follow-up after a visit, we ensure that every step of the journey to a new smile is comfortable and enjoyable.

But what truly sets us apart is our eagerness to be part of your smile transformation. We don’t just provide treatment; we join you on your journey. We celebrate every milestone and cheer you on as you unveil a more stunning smile. Our expertise is matched only by our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

The synergy between Dr. Bowen and us creates an environment where all our patients (including you) feel at home. It’s not just about straightening teeth. It’s about building connections, understanding individual needs, and crafting smiles that reflect each patient’s unique personality. At Bowen Family Orthodontics, we’re not just staff but partners in your treatment plan. 

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Community Loyalty: Rooted in Mullica Hill

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, our connection to Mullica Hill goes beyond examining and resetting teeth. We’re part of the fabric of this community, and our loyalty runs deep. From attending local events to supporting schools and organizations, we’re more than just a dental practice; we’re neighbors, friends, and family.

Our commitment to Mullica Hill is reflected in everything we do. We believe in giving back, not just through our services but by actively participating in community life. Whether sponsoring a local sports team, volunteering at charity events, or simply being there for our neighbors, we take pride in our role as community members.

We understand that a community thrives when its members support one another. That’s why we intend to have lasting relationships with our patients and their families, not just as healthcare providers but as fellow residents of this beautiful town.

Transforming Lives: Patient Success Stories

The joy of a beautiful smile is immeasurable. At Bowen Family Orthodontics, we’ve had the privilege of being part of countless success stories. Our patients’ journeys are more than just treatment plans; they’re transformations that profoundly impact lives. Let’s explore a couple of imaginary scenarios that illustrate the difference we can make:

Scenario 1: “Emily”

  • Problem:
  • Emily, a shy 12-year-old, struggled with crowded teeth, affecting her confidence and social interactions.


  • Solution
  • We provided Emily with a customized treatment plan, including clear braces, to align her teeth without drawing attention to the process.


  • Result
  • Emily’s smile transformed, and so did her confidence. She became more outgoing, excelling in school and making new friends.

Scenario 2: “James” 

  • Problem
  • James, a busy professional in his 30s, had always been self-conscious about his misaligned teeth but never found the time for treatment.


  • Solution
  • We offered James a flexible and discreet solution with Invisalign, allowing him to straighten his teeth without disrupting his professional life.


  • Result
  • James achieved the smile he always wanted, boosting his self-esteem and enhancing his professional image.

The Awesome Team At Bowen Family Orthodontics

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, we don’t just readjust teeth; we transform lives. Our patients’ smiles are our greatest reward, and their stories inspire us. We’re honored to be part of these incredible journeys and look forward to being part of yours.

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, innovative treatments and personalized care come together to create a dental experience that’s as unique as your smile. We’re here to guide you, support you, and celebrate with you every step of the way. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bowen here. Come visit us in Mullica Hill!