New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Smile

What’s your New Year’s resolution this year? We have a good recommendation if you’re still looking for one. This year can be the year that you finally transform your smile with the help of Bowen Family Orthodontics in Mullica Hill! Our goal every year is to help more patients have the healthy, beautiful smile of their dreams, and we are ready for you to join the hundreds of patients who have already found their best smile.

What is Holding You Back?

Before we can get started on your resolution, we need to understand more about what is holding you back. Are you anxious about the cost? Are you too overwhelmed to get started?  

No worries, we will walk you through some of the biggest challenges and share the biggest rewards you will get in exchange. 

Expense —> Health

For many families, the potential costs of orthodontics can seem daunting, and we totally understand. But something that Dr. Bowen always emphasizes with her patients is that investing in your teeth now will save you tons in expenses and stress later.   

Crooked teeth trap food particles that make it easier for plaque to grow, resulting in tooth decay or cavities. A misaligned jaw, or malocclusion, can result in TMJ or migraines if not treated earlier. Worst case scenario, you have rotten teeth that need to be pulled or require root canals, costing you big bucks. 

Invest now to have healthier teeth for life! 

Inconvenience —> Confidence

We all hate to add inconvenience to our lives. It’s hard to imagine intentionally adding the annoyance of braces, rubber bands, or retainers to our already busy routines. The funny thing about inconvenience though, is that it typically disappears once you get used to it. And the dazzling results will make up for any extra effort along the way, we promise. 

At Bowen Family Orthodontics we have seen time and time again that once treatment is done, our patients are so thrilled by their transformed smiles that they completely forget all of the inconvenience to make it happen. Feeling confident in your appearance is a game changer in both your personal and professional life. 

See what a transformed smile can do for your confidence!

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy SmileHow to Get Started on Your Resolution

Now that you know the hesitations and benefits that come along with orthodontic treatment, it’s time to dive into your New Year’s resolution treatment plan! The great news is that Dr. Bowen offers free consultation appointments for potential patients so that you can learn more before you even commit to treatment long-term. 

She will look over your teeth, and make recommendations for the best ways to move forward. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to, including about payment options and insurance. We believe that all families deserve to get orthodontic treatment, which is why our services are affordable, with financing options that work for you.

Call to set up an appointment at our Mullica Hill office today! We can’t wait to help your teeth transform this year!