How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

So much goes into ensuring your teeth reach their perfect alignment, but how exactly do braces straighten teeth? Getting your braces at Bowen Family Orthodontics is an exciting time, and our team is here to help you each step of the way. Read on to learn more about how braces work, the phases of realignment, how straightening your teeth can be beneficial for your health, and more.


How Braces Reposition Your Teeth

Once your braces have been placed, they begin to work right away to achieve your smile goals. This appliance is made up of brackets, wires, elastics, and other components, each working together to place calculated, constant pressure across your teeth. The amount of pressure changes throughout treatment, as decided by Dr. Bowen, so your teeth stay on track. 

Your teeth are always moving, but braces work to guide this movement so you can achieve your smile goals. The soft tissue surrounding your teeth is stretched in different directions and forms new bones as necessary to ensure they are properly protected.

Adjustments During Treatment

During follow-up appointments, one of the tasks Dr. Bowen will perform is to adjust and tighten your appliance based on how much your teeth have shifted since she last saw you. Different amounts of pressure may be needed in different areas of your teeth as time goes on so as not to push them too far in one direction. As your treatment continues and Dr. Bowen and our team get to know your teeth better, they will be able to anticipate your progress and keep your care on track.


The Phases of Realignment

1. Level and Align

To begin your braces journey, our team will start by ensuring each of your teeth lies in a straight line. We eliminate crowding and gaps to help them connect right next to each other to achieve this step. Varying amounts of pressure are needed across your teeth.

2. Bite Issues

The following step is resolving any bite issues that may be present, such as a crossbite, underbite, and overbite. During this time, we ensure your upper and lower jaws perfectly align, providing improved bite function. Patients come in with bad bites of varying degrees, so this step may take longer or shorter for some.

3. Fine Tuning

Towards the end of treatment, you will notice incredible changes to your teeth alignment, but there is still one more step! We use this winding down time to make fine adjustments and minor tweaks to individual teeth to obtain ideal alignment.  

Each patient’s treatment plan is unique, so how we treat each phase may vary depending on your particular case and the braces you wear. Coming in for your check-ins is crucial so we can make adjustments as necessary to keep you on track.


How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Your Braces Options

Clear Braces

Clear braces offer an aesthetic appeal to those looking to work on their teeth without the metal appearance braces traditionally offer. They utilize small, tooth-colored ceramic brackets that blend in with your teeth for maximum comfort. Thanks to advancements in the field, you won’t need to worry about staining after consuming dark foods or liquids. Clear braces can also potentially speed up your treatment time.

Metal Braces

The most common type of braces at Bowen Family Orthodontics are traditional metal braces. They have a long, successful history of helping patients resolve even the most complex oral issues. You may remember when metal braces were bulky, but advancements in the field have made them more comfortable than ever with thinner wires and sleeker brackets. This appliance is also known as a cost-effective option as it doesn’t utilize the same complex tech systems other choices do.


The Benefits of Aligning Your Teeth

Working on your teeth helps improve your general health in many ways, including digestion. As mentioned, your bite and chewing function improve with aligned teeth, meaning you can break down your meals into bite-sized pieces before swallowing. As a result, your stomach and intestine don’t have to work harder than necessary during the digestion process, helping you avoid heartburn and stomach aches.

A perfect smile also makes it much easier to care for your everyday oral health. Once treatment is complete, your teeth will likely no longer have any hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, allowing brushing and flossing to become much more straightforward. Keeping up with your daily care lowers your chances of dealing with common dental complications like plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bacteria. 

Of course, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful appearance of your brand-new smile. Patients who once dealt with self-esteem issues related to their grins can confidently show it off in public to display their happiness. We strive to help create a better quality of life for you with the smile you deserve!


How Long Till You Notice Results?

After starting braces treatment, you will surely be eager to start seeing results. Depending on the severity of the oral issues at hand, some patients may recognize changes in the first month of care as your teeth react to the pressure being placed on them. After this, most patients will start to see a difference in the appearance of their smiles in the next two to three months. Of course, each treatment plan is unique, so speaking with Dr. Bowen about your particular case will provide a more specific timeframe.

Completing your braces journey in full can last anywhere between one and three years, fluctuating based on your appliance choice, age, the work being accomplished, and your current oral health. You may not see it, but your teeth will be moving each day of treatment to achieve your perfect smile!


How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Your Braces Journey Starts Here!

As you embark on your braces journey, you can rely on your care team at Bowen Family Orthodontics to answer any questions that come up. Contact our front desk, and a member of our staff will provide you with the answers you need. We provide expert orthodontic services to Mullica Hill and the surrounding communities. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Bowen today to start your smile journey!