4 Things You Won’t Get with Mail Order Orthodontics

Here in Mullica Hill, we live so much of our lives online these days! Work, entertainment, shopping… with the world at your fingertips, it might be tempting to try out one of the newer online DIY ortho deals that keep popping up. After all, if I can get my work, shopping, and banking taken care of without ever having to step into an office, why not my teeth? 

At Bowen Family Orthodontics, we have plenty of good reasons why what might seem a harmless and inexpensive option could end up missing out on the most important aspects of your orthodontic care. Let’s find out how! 

What’s the deal with mail-order orthodontics? 

We get why you might be curious about mail-order orthodontic treatments. They may seem less expensive, or the idea of not having to go in to see the orthodontist appears appealing. That makes sense! 

Generally, you’ll fill out an online questionnaire, send pictures of your or your child’s teeth, then receive an impression kit. A few weeks later, you’ll get a pair of aligners, and your unsupervised solo journey to straightening your teeth will begin. 

While it may seem like the easy way out, if you opt to skip the benefits of seeing an expert like Dr. Bowen, you may be setting yourself up for failure! The fact is, there are plenty of essential parts of the process online ortho can’t offer. 

What are some benefits of in-person treatment? 

Bowen Family Orthodontics has the trained professionals required to provide you with numerous essential ingredients for a successful orthodontic journey. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why: 

Full-spectrum care 

Based on the specific needs of you or your loved one, it may be necessary to use equipment and procedures that aren’t available at all online.  

Traditional braces are often required to deal with more advanced cases of malocclusion of the teeth and jaw misalignment.  

We will always provide you with the least invasive care possible, but never at the expense of ensuring you get the care you need to set you up for success. There’s a reason traditional braces are still around – Sometimes, there’s no substitute.

Professional consultation 

Unlike online offerings, in-person orthodontic care includes personalized visitation with a trained specialist. While it may seem intimidating, Dr. Bowen will quickly put you at ease while providing an individual approach to your orthodontic process that will ensure a great-looking and healthy smile! 

At the end of the day, an online option will never be able to offer the level of care of a competent professional providing you with face-to-face care. Initial visits will provide a comprehensive look at your teeth and jaw, catching problems a cell phone photo and set of DIY impressions could easily miss.

Moment-to-moment updates 

Oftentimes, treatment plans may need adjusting between visits based on reactions to your realignment procedures, newly-discovered issues, or a variety of other factors. However, with remote orthodontic options, making the necessary changes is impossible as your teeth shift and move. This can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes or even create new problems. 

Dr. Bowen and the gang are on-hand and ready to make personalized adjustments to your care that you can’t get online. Some things are just too important to leave up to chance! 

Face-to-face Treatment Plans

Dr. Bowen is a board-certified, award-winning professional with years of experience. She will quickly put you at ease while providing an individual approach to your process that will ensure a great-looking and healthy smile! 

4 Things You Won't Get with Mail Order OrthodonticsBowen Family Orthodontics is your one-stop smile shop.

Dr. Bowen is a family-oriented expert with 2 young children of her own. She lives right here in South Jersey, so you know that when you see her, you’re seeing someone with a personal stake in the community. You may even have seen her at the rotary club or rowing with the Gloucester County Vixens! 

Why risk your oral health with an anonymous online vendor for the sake of maybe a few bucks? See why Dr. Bowen is consistently rated at the top of her practice in the region. You’ll be happy you did.